Good Enough, newly released single

When I started writing this song, I had Bonnie Raitt in mind to cover it. In layman’s terms, I hoped that she would record it. I took it to another writer who was great with lyrics. We were teamed up together through an ad agency I once worked at but this time as a composer. When I met Denise Rich, I was taken by her friendliness, then her aptitude for lyric writing, then both. It was her graciousness that excited me to no end to write with her.

I had the basic layout for the song and the chorus (aka the hook) but I needed verses. I needed someone who could sum up the feeling and to take it where it needed to go. Well, Denise blew me away. I recorded the demo with Janie Barnett, a great singer who sang jungles for me in NYC, singing it. That was in 1990.

In 2010, I was a part of a group and asked another singer to sing the song for me. She asked me why I didn’t sing it myself as it was my own song and told her that I didn’t think it was me. I didn’t think I could do it any justice… But I tried it anyway…when no one was looking or listening. It took one time and I realized that this song I had co-written 11 years earlier was the perfect song for me to sing and record as my own.

I went into Frogville Studios in Santa Fe with engineer Bill Palmer and my band, Tone Forrest on bass, Steve “Hurricane” Hill on guitar and Josh English on drums. I am happy with the recording and the performance. Bill even suggested that I add organ on it but I told him that I’m NOT Billy Preston! He said, ‘try it’. I did and fell in love with it. FYI: it’s Chuck Barry‘s old Hammond B-3…nice! Now I know why people who can carry it around with them will use it on recordings and on live stage! It evokes a special feeling!

When I play it in my shows, people get up and dance! So I made the decision to make it the first single on the “Resurrection” CD. I’m so excited and will send it out to press very soon for its release. Stay tuned.

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