This year brought me the opportunity to make more music. As Music Director at Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, I brought in songs that folks never thought had joyful expressions. From The Beatles to Queen’s We Are The Champions to Tracy Chapman’s I’m Ready to Sesame Street’s Everyday Hero…it’s been a journey of discovery.

I was able to perform in Albuquerque more this year than ever and it was lots of fun.

I also got to teach kids from 8-12 how to sing the Blues at a camp. That’s a first.

Traveled to Texas to join my friends in song, nature and some peace. I love the road and when I travel to Texas and my drives are 12 hours long, I listen to some great audiobooks.

I turned 65 this year and celebrated well. Next year will be even better.

Several projects I’ve been working on for the past five years will come to fruition in 2018.

See you on the flip side.


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